Foothills of El Dorado County Branch

 CALENDAR  2017-18

 May 6th - Crocker Museum Tour (Manzanar Photos)
 contact Patricia Garon

June 3rd - Bridge Tournament Fundraiser
      contact Casey Carlton-Mercado
      September 30th - Tech Trek Luncheon & 75th Anniversary
       Park Community Church

Neighborhood Groups

PLAY READING GROUP                           Barbara Reider   1st Mon., 9 a.m.

GREAT DISCUSSIONS                             Mary Jane Battaglia    2nd Thurs., 10 a.m.

OUT TO LUNCH BUNCH                          Sara Edwards    3rd Tues., noon

FOURTH WEDNESDAY BOOK  CLUB    Kathy McCoy 4th Wed. 1:00 pm

2nd TUESDAY BOOK  CLUB                    Bonnie White 1 p.m.

ART                                                            Hannah Jacobsen 4th Mon. 10 a.m.

BRIDGE,                                                     Casey Carlton-Mercado 3rd Wed.




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